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To avoid accidently over feeding your puppy on treats, try using some of your puppy's dry food as the reward. Your puppy will think the dry food is a treat becuase you are hand feeding it to them.

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Best Behaviour

Congratulations on taking the next step to ensure your canine companion will be on their best behaviour.

Greencross Vets are passionate about developing well-mannered family friendly dogs and our Best Behaviour program will give you the tools to train your dog in basic manners. Our classes will also give you an understanding on how your puppy learns, their development stages and how to navigate through naughty puppy behaviours right through to well-mannered canines. 

Training a puppy is a challenging and rewarding experience. We believe that training with love, fun and understanding will ensure you develop a strong and life long bond with your puppy, making them a true member of your family.

Let the fun begin!  



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