Classes Available

Greencross Vets are passionate about giving you and your pet the best start in life.  All Greencross Vets Best Behavior classes teach positive techniques and keep sessions fun and interactive.  We believe in the importance of early socialisation and teach you about canine communication so you can have a better understanding of why and how your puppy plays.  


Greencross Vets Best Behaviour classes teach you how to train your pet for life.  We focus on ‘preventative behaviours’ and setting the rules early so ‘problems’ never occur. 


Our aim is to give you realistic expectations of your pet through the understanding of their behaviour, communication and learning skills, and then give you the tools required to develop a strong relationship with your pet, allowing them to become a real part of your family. 


There are 3 levels of group training for dogs, depending on your pet’s lifestyle and age:

Puppy Recruits Puppy Recruits Puppy Recruits