Tips & Tricks

Biting and Mouthing

When puppies bite and mouth it is generally a form of play.  For humans though, biting is not an appropriate form of play because it hurts!!

Your puppy may bite or mouth another puppy, dog or toy as a form of play and puppies LOVE to play.  However, if your puppy bites you or any person, they must be taught that this is an unacceptable behaviour. Continue reading

Solving the Barking Problem

Barking is a behaviour that, to a dog or puppy, is normal.  Barking is one of the ways dogs communicate. Although it is a normal behaviour, when it is carried out to excess or at inappropriate times and places it becomes frustrating and socially unacceptable.  Barking behaviours can be complex as dogs may bark for many different reasons   Continue reading


Puppies and dogs show us love and attention in ways that you may not expect and sometimes these behaviours, such as jumping can be unacceptable.  Puppies and dogs may jump up at us because it is a normal social behaviour.  Usually it is a greeting but it can be a state of excitement, literally ‘jumping for joy’ or an attention seeking behaviour. Continue reading

Toilet Training

Toilet training a puppy can be challenging.  The fastest method of toilet training is supervision of your puppy, consistency, confinement, repetition and of course reward, reward, reward. 

Begin toilet training your puppy as soon as you bring him or her home for the first time. You need to teach your puppy where to go, when to go and how to get to the right toilet area.  Even outdoor puppies need to be toilet trained. Continue reading

Destructive Chewing

Chewing is a normal and necessary behaviour for your puppy and it is important not to prevent the pup from chewing.

Chewing occurs for many reasons including: Teething, exploring environments, play, boredom, attention seeking, hungeretc Continue reading


Informative Videos

Take a look at these videos and learn as Serena Dean teaches her puppy Moose how to walk on a lead, stop biting too much, teaching her puppy how to 'stay', 'drop' and 'lay down' and also how to calm and settle your puppy.

Click here to view the videos