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Say the cue word 'come' anytime your puppy is going to come to you, like at dinner time. Also say the word 'come' whenever your puppy is already coming to you. Your puppy will develope a positive association of the word 'come' and will come running to you whenever they hear it.

Puppy Cadets

Greencross Vets Puppy Cadets is a group Puppy School class for puppies aged 8 – 16 weeks developed as part of the Best Behaviour Program.  Greencross vets Puppy School is an excellent starting point that will give you the understanding of how your puppy learns and is focused on teaching your puppy basic manners and best behaviour.  

Positive socialisation and play is vital for the development of your puppy.  During Greencross Vets Puppy School your puppy will make new friends in a positive environment by learning how to play and socialise.

As Puppy Cadets puppy school is a rolling course your puppy may have the opportunity to meet new friends each week as they join the class.  Developing excellent communication and socialisation skills will allow your puppy to make plenty of friends at the beach or park when they are fully vaccinated.

Puppy Cadets puppy school runs for 4 sessions, you and your puppy can then progress into Canine Commandos.  

Training a puppy is a challenging and rewarding experience.  We believe that training with love, fun 

and understanding will ensure you develop a strong and life long bond with your puppy, making them a true member of your family. 

To keep our puppies happy and healthy all puppies must have had their first vaccination at least 2 weeks prior to joining class and be up to date with vaccinations, worming and flea control.  

Puppy Cadets - the next step on your way to having a well-mannered family dog.

Greencross Vets Puppy School is run by qualified veterinary nurses with a special interest in animal behaviour. 


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