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Pet Health Screening Tests

Regular blood tests are imperative for disease prevention and early detection; they help to identify underlying health issues that cannot be detected during a physical examination. While six monthly wellness checks are strongly recommended, a thorough physical exam is not enough to check how our pet's internal organs are functioning.  Blood tests are therefore very important in assisting our Veterinarians in diagnosing problems and illnesses in our pets.

Blood testing on pets is very similar if not the same to those performed on you and me when we visit our doctor or pathologist. With the use of our in-house laboratories and in some instances external laboratories we are able to provide very accurate and timely information about the health of our patients.

Healthy Pets Plus members are entitled to receive an annual pet health screening test, which may include:

  • Urine analysis
  • Wellness blood screen or pre-anaesthetic blood test

Healthy Pets Plus members are entitled to receive a complimentary annual pet health screening test.