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Greencross Vets, keeping you up to date with news and events both locally and Australia wide. This area of our website also contains articles of interest for your reading pleasure.

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Holidaying with your pet

Here are a few tips that will help things run smoothly if your pet is lucky enough to be holidaying with you this Easter.
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Extreme weather warning

We are urging all pet parents to ensure their pets are kept cool and inside where possible over the coming days. Extreme heatwave conditions are continuing to develop and are expected to reach a record high across the country.
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What your pets shouldn't eat over Christmas

While Christmas is a special occasion and a great time for sharing, many items on the Christmas lunch menu can cause health problems, behavioural issues, hyperactivity and obesity for animals. Here’s some foods your pets shouldn’t eat over the festive period.
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Christmas Decoration Safety

Some unusual household pet injuries can arise during the festive period. Here are five simple tips to help keep pets safe this Christmas.
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Springtime bites and stings

It can be difficult to know if a bite or a sting from an insect is dangerous or not. Similar to human health, our pets may also have allergic reactions, which can potentially be very dangerous.
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