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Trev's Story

posted: 10/Oct/2013
This month we’re excited to feature a ‘Share your story’. This submission was sent by Robyn of NSW and it’s a lovely story about her beautiful Red Kelpie, Trev. 
"We purchased our Red Kelpie, Trev, from the RSPCA Somersby around 6wks ago and I cannot praise Greencross Vets Wyoming (Central Coast) and Somersby RSPCA enough.  Trev is an incredibly well trained dog & at 6yrs old, he’s no pup but the attention and care he received from both organisations was wonderful.
Trev was up for adoption on the Saturday morning, we were the first to walk him and we took him home the same afternoon. We immediately fell in love with him, we don’t know anything about his history except his previous owners have moved to Perth and for whatever reason could not take him with them. This must have been heartbreaking as Trev is the most affectionate, obedient dog we could ever wish for. Within his first week with us, he developed Kennel Cough and without hesitation, we took him to Greencross Vets at Wyoming. To my surprise, the vet that saw to Trev had done his health checks and a minor eye operation on him for the RSPCA, so he was very pleased to see him when he walked through his door with a new owner. Our vet took the time to explain exactly how kennel cough works and is spread by drawing diagrams and prescribed him antibiotics and instructions on how to care for him. He also explained how to keep Trev’s joints supple and to exercise him safely as he does play fetch rather exuberantly!
The RSPCA sent Trev home with a 14 day guarantee for certain conditions, should he develop anything as a result of being in kennels and it wasn’t even questioned when we took him to Wyoming, our visit didn’t cost us anything. He has since made a full recovery and is now a very valuable member of our family (which includes my cat & horse – also patients of Greencross Wyoming!) and will continue to be a patient of Greencross, hopefully for years to come."

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