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Common Conditions - Articles of Interest - Anxiety And Our Feline Friends

Anxiety And Our Feline Friends

Our cats are sensitive souls. Beneath an exterior that is sometimes aloof, confident, or independent, internally they are prone to some surprising stresses in the course of their serene lives.

Cats can become anxious for many reasons, some of which may be casued by:

  • A new pet is introduced to the household
  • A home is being renovated
  • Furniture being rearranged
  • A new family member (baby) arrives
  • When  fireworks or a thunderstorm occurs

Cats show their anxiety in many ways, both through obvious signs and more discreet symptoms.

Obvious Signs:

  • Scratching
  • Urine marking
  • Aggression towards other pets
  • Vocalising

More Discreet Signs:

  • Food intake disorders
  • Over grooming or lack of grooming
  • Hiding, appearing withdrawn
  • House soiling
  • Decreasing level of activity

How to help your feline friend with anxiety?

Often cats rub their face on familiar objects in their territory releasing their natural pheromone on various objects. There is a product available from your local Greencross Vet known as Feliway, it contains a synthetic version of this pheromone that helps cats adjust to new environments or stressful situations.

This is a product that cleverly mimics the feline facial pheromone that is deposited from cats cheek glands when they rub their face on household objects. Feliway offers a natural way to help prevent or control anxiety related behviours and makes cats feel safe in their environment.

How does Feliway work?

Feliway is a diffuser that you plug into a power socket in the room that is used most by the cat, or in an area where inappropriate behaviour is occurring. The diffuser should be plugged into an open area and left of continuously. 

Feliway is the secret to happy cats. 
Talk to your Greencross Vets about it today.

Content courtesy of Ceva

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