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Common Conditions - Articles of Interest - Top 5 tips if your pet is afraid of storms

Top 5 tips if your pet is afraid of storms

Many pets feel anxious during thunderstorms, when both loud noises such as thunder and heavy rain and lightning flashes can make them feel unsettled. 

1. Provide your pet with a safe and familiar place

A small space like a bathroom or laundry can make your pet feel secure. Ensure they have access to their safe space even when you are not at home.

2. Contact your local vet

Your local Greencross Vets  team can recommend the best calming solutions for your pet, which may include behaviour training along with calming wraps such as Thunderjackets, pheromones (DAP) or medication, if necessary.

3. Playing soothing music before the storm hits and during

Calm music can help your pet maintain its composure or help to reduce their stress levels by masking the storm noises.

4. Desensitisation

Recordings of thunderstorms are available, which can be slowly introduced to expose your dog to the common noises of storms noises. This will, in turn, begin the process of desensitisation.

5. Reassurance and comfort

If your dog is seeking your comfort provide them with calm reassurance and attention.
If you find your pet is intensely afraid or anxious, visit your local Greencross Vets for advice. 

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