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Common Conditions - Articles of Interest - Why is my dog coughing?

Why is my dog coughing?

Coughing can be a symptom of a wide range of underlying health conditions so it's wise to take your pet to your local Greencross Vets for a thorough examination. 
Dr Joshua Llinas from Greencross Vets Jindalee says when it comes to assessing the severity of a cough, there are no simple do-it-yourself methods.
“If your dog has any condition resulting in an ongoing cough, it needs to be examined. Some conditions can be serious,” says Dr Llinas. “Aside from infectious causes, coughing can be related to conditions such as foreign bodies, tracheal collapse, laryngeal paralysis, paralysis ticks, congestive heart failure  and even cancer.”

Canine Kennel cough

One common cause is canine infectious tracheobronchitis, otherwise known as 'canine cough ' or 'kennel cough', which is a contagious respiratory disease among dogs. A hacking cough is accompanied by retching and gagging and is highly contagious. Dogs usually catch kennel cough from coming in contact with viral or bacterial particles from other dogs. Dr Llinas says it can be a very uncomfortable condition.
“In some cases, it can progress to a more serious disease such as pneumonia so it’s important to have your vet check your dog to determine if medication is needed,” Dr Llinas says.

Other causes

Here's a list of other serious medical causes Dr Llinas commonly treats for coughing dogs and why it's important to visit your local Greencross Vets as soon as possible.

Foreign bodies

Your dog may have swallowed something that has resulted in a partial blockage of the throat.

Tracheal collapse

Sometimes the windpipe in a dog can collapse, this can cause an irritation resulting in a honking cough.

Laryngeal paralysis

Occurs when the nerves that control the muscles of the larynx, or voice box, have stopped working properly.

Paralysis ticks

Parasites that attach to the skin of the pet can affect the peripheral nervous system. The cough comes from the paralysis of the nerves in the throat or sometimes from secondary pneumonia.

Congestive heart failure

Your dog's heart may no longer be pumping blood efficiently, resulting in fluid building up in the lungs.


Just like in people, dogs can get primary or secondary cancers in the lungs

Chronic Canine Bronchitis

As your dog’s lungs get older they can get stiff and thickened, causing irritation that results in a cough


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