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Exotic Pet Health - Pocket Pets

Exotic Pet Health - Pocket Pets

Pocket Pets articles relating to Exotic Pet Health

  • Rabbit and Guinea Pig Dental Care

    Have you ever wondered why your Guinea Pig or Rabbit is always gnawing on something?  Rabbits and Guinea Pigs have teeth that continually grow throughout their life, poor diet can often resul... read more
  • Myxomatosis

    What causes myxomatosis? The disease myxomatosis in rabbits is caused by a kind of pox virus. This virus was introduced to Australia from South America in the 1950s as a way of killing the wild rabbi... read more
  • What sex is my guinea pig

    Guinea pigs can be sexed by examining their genital region both visually and physically. To begin, carefully grab your guinea pig from its hutch and position it calmly on its back.    ... read more

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