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Pets Dentistry

Pet Dentistry

Approximately 80% of pets have some form of dental disease by the age of four. The most obvious sign to a pet owner is bad breath. Other clinical signs include plaque and tartar build up, reddened gums or gingivitis, excessive salivation, chattering teeth and difficulty chewing food. In reality if your pet has long fur around it's mouth (such as a poodle or maltese) or if you own a cat you will be discussing dental disease with your vet.

Dental disease has been associated to heart, liver and kidney disease in humans & the same links have been evidenced in our pets.  It is well documented that adequate dental care can add up to 4 years to your pet’s life. At Greencross Vets the highest quality dental care is available, utilising dental equipment similar to what you would find at a human dentist. Under a general anaesthetic, your pets teeth, gums and mouth are thoroughly examined, the plaque and tartar is removed & the teeth polished.  If you're lucky you might even get a before & after photo!  After the procedure our staff will assist you in constructing a plan to provide at-home dental hygiene aimed at preventing re-occurrence. After all no one likes going to the dentist!

We stock a number of easy-to-feed prescription diets that help prevent tartar re-occurrence. We offer a peace of mind guarantee when you purchase these products, so that if your pet does not find the diet palatable, you can return the food for a complete refund. As well as diets we stock a range of different products to assist in dental home care including toothpaste, toothbrushes, mouth rinses & dental treats.

The appearance and smell of your pet’s mouth after a dental will be amazing and you will be surprised at their new lease on life and improved demeanour once again!

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