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Sydney Vet Clinics

Are you looking for a local veterinary clinic in Sydney NSW? Greencross Vets have a number of veterinary clinics and committed pet care teams throughout Sydney, all of which provide care, compassion and the very best in veterinary medicine for dogs, cats, reptiles, birds, pocket pets, horses and wildlife.

All Greencross Vet clinics offer a wide range of services some of which include; Preventative Health Care Programs, Vaccinations, Desexing, Dentistry, Microchip Identification, Surgical Procedures, Pathology Testing, Radiology, Ultrasound and even Weight Loss Programs. We look forward to meeting you and your beloved pets soon.

Our Veterinary Practices in Sydney

Alexandria Vet Clinic

View Alexandria Vet Details
Email greencross.alexandria@greencrossvet.com.au
Phone 02 9195 6916
Address  Inside Petbarn, 175 McEvoy Street, Alexandria

Brookvale Vet Clinic

View Brookvale Vet Details
Email greencross.brookvale@greencrossvet.com.au
Phone 02 9938 9888
Address  Inside Petbarn, 60 Winbourne Rd , Brookvale NSW 2100

Campbelltown Vet Clinic

View Campbelltown Vet Details
Email greencross.campbelltown@greencrossvet.com.au
Phone 02 9146 1163
Address  Inside Petbarn, 3 Blaxland Service Way, Campbelltown NSW 2560

Caringbah Vet Clinic

View Caringbah Vet Details
Email greencross.caringbah@greencrossvet.com.au
Phone 02 9540 5457
Address  Inside Petbarn 21 Koonya Circuit, Taren Point

Castle Hill Vet Clinic

View Castle Hill Vet Details
Email greencross.castlehill@greencrossvet.com.au
Phone 02 9146 1167
Address  Inside Petbarn, Unit 2B, 13 Carrington Road , Castle Hill

Chatswood Vet Clinic

View Chatswood Vet Details
Email greencross.chatswood@greencrossvet.com.au
Phone 02 9146 1162
Address  Inside Petbarn, Unit 4, 372 Eastern Valley Way, Chatswood 2067

Ku-Ring-Gai Vet Clinic

View Ku-Ring-Gai Vet Details
Email greencross.kuringgai@greencrossvet.com.au
Phone 02 9449 4111
Address  290 Bobbin Head Road, North Turramurra, NSW

Marsden Park Vet Clinic

View Marsden Park Vet Details
Email marsdenpark@greencrossvet.com.au
Phone 02 9134 0899
Address  6/17-43 Hollinsworth Rd, Marsden Park 2765,

North Parramatta Vet Clinic

View North Parramatta Vet Details
Email greencross.northparramatta@greencrossvet.com.au
Phone 02 9146 1169
Address  Inside Petbarn, 563 Church Street, North Parramatta 2151,